Welcome to Vadim's homepage on the World Wide Web!

I currently work at Spring, leading a semi-distributed team that's building a platform for quickly and reliably building crawlers and scrapers for extracting product information from a variety of websites. I also proposed and built/PM'd the onboarding experience in the app. I also designed and built the ordering system.

Previously, I worked at Chartbeat, where I maintained a custom realtime database written in evented C, adding the ability to run custom queries on it via Lua scripts that executed in a sandbox. I also proposed, designed, and built a system that tracked and aggregated user visits (at the time, 20,000/second) to provide accurate data for Chartbeat Advertising. I also built significant parts of both the backend and frontend for Chartbeat Publishing.

Previously, I worked at Bloomberg, where I built a domain-specific language for modeling structured securities, a simluation engine for predicting the behavior of mortgage-backed securities, and a WYSIWYG development environment for structuring mortgage-backed securities. I also built a product for finding, using public SEC filings, insider traders which seem to be illegally trading based on inside information.


Bubble Pop

My predictions on when the tech bubble will pop


A new and different way to do keyboard shortcuts

Real-time chess

A real-time twist on the familiar game of chess